WVSC Return to Football Plan Stage 2.2

With the current easing of restrictions, the following updates are now available in addition to WVSC Return to Football Plan Stage 2.1:

  • Allows for full contact in a club training environment and gatherings up to 100 (and that is 100 people per “field” not per venue). The key is to avoid situations were multiple groups of 100 could merge together.
  • Allows for practice matches within a club environment (i.e. teams that would normally train at the same venue, and be exposed to the same people, being able to play practice matches as part of training)
  • Allows for the opening of amenities blocks and canteens aligned with ACT Government conditions

WVSC Return to Training Plan – Stage 2.2 – June 2020


Entry and Exit Beasley Street Carpark:

Attachment A – Entry – Exit – Beasley Street __ updated (1)