WVSC welcomes all players, Girls and Boys turning 5 or 6 to register in our Peewees Saturday morning Games.

Players are placed in groups of 4 each Saturday under the guidance of a mentor (an older Club junior player). This is their first experience in an organised group environment.

There are no set teams. Teams are formed ad hoc each Saturday. Start time will be 9.30 am – players should assemble at Mawson Oval by 9.15 am at the latest.

Games Session

The Pee Wees (U5 to U6) age groups play 4 v 4 with a size 3 ball on pitches that are approximately 30 x 20 metres. Games are non-competitive in that results are not recorded and no competition tables are kept. Cones are used to mark the corners and sidelines of pitches and goals, and there are no goalkeepers. The aim of these small-sided games is to maximise player participation as measured by the number of touches on the ball per player, and to promote skill development through playing in a confined space.

In Pee Wees, no set teams are formed. Because most players are new to the game and some are trying it out, player numbers tend to decline over the season. They also fluctuate with the weather. To avoid relatively small squads of players potentially being depleted to unavailbility on particular days, groups of 8 players are formed ad hoc each Saturday. These split into two teams of 4 for their game, which nominally is of 15 minutes each way with a 5-minute break at halftime.

More information and resources can be found on the Capital Football website.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Additional resources and info for parents can be found at the PlayFootball website here.