Member Protection

FFA Member Protection: National Member Protection Policy 2016

At WVSC we are fortunate to have support for our community with our Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO).

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

The MPIO is the first point of contact for individuals with a concern, query or complaint in regards to discrimination, harassment and child protection issues. They provide them with information and options so they are informed and can decide how they would like to deal with their matter.

If you need to contact Julia, please email

Julia Bridgewater MPIO

Julia Bridgewater is the MPIO for WVSC.  Supporting community organisations is important to me and, as a lawyer, I can contribute some problem solving skills to help members and committees get the most out of their time in the sport.

What is an MPIO?

Member Protection Information Officers are people trained to be the first point of contact in sporting organisations for any person considering making a complaint under the Member Protection Policy.

Your MPIO is the link between you as a member or committee and the complaints officer or organization that can resolve your issue.

The MPIO provides confidential, impartial and timely information and support.

The type of information we can provide is about complaint resolution options available to address your concern.

The MPIO does not advocate or take a side but can help to communicate complaints to the right place and provide support.

Julia may be contacted by email at