WVSC U7 to 9 Training

Woden Valley Soccer Club training for U7-9 players begins on Saturday 13 June at Mawson Playing Fields.

Welcome to the incremental commencement of the 2020 season.

The rules below may differ greatly from what you are experiencing in the rest of your life (e.g. school lunchtimes and shopping malls), however, we must follow the requirements of the ACT Government, Football Federation Australia and Capital Football.

The aim is to organise soccer-related activities while reducing the risk of a major coronavirus outbreak occurring as a result of club events.

Here are some important principles to keep in mind:

  • Please don’t come to the ground if anyone in your family has respiratory illness symptoms.
  • When using the Mawson Playing Fields, players should get in – train – get out.
  • To reduce contact between players, games (and practice games) are not permitted at this stage.
  • Social distancing should be maintained where possible.
  • Have fun!

Training will run for 30-60 minutes with the following start times:

U7          9am

U8          10:30am

U9          12pm

2020 Miniroos Training Schedule (1)

2020 Miniroos Training Pitches

Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your training session or leave more than 10 minutes after training ends.  This will allow time for everyone from the previous session to leave before the next group arrives.  Please note, in the event that games commence at some stage in July (hopefully), times will likely need to go back to 8:45am, 9:40am and 10:30am (to accommodate the U10-18 age groups through the rest of the game day).

Gear – the club will provide balls, cones and a first aid kit.  We are not providing team shirts, bibs or goals until games or practice games are permitted.  Woden Valley shorts and socks can be purchased from Intersport (formerly called Sportsman’s Warehouse) in Fyshwick.  Shinpads and boots can be obtained from the same place. Players should dress for the weather, with layers that can be removed as they warm up.

Food and drink – there will be no canteen or coffee cart for these training sessions. Players should bring their own water bottle and snack (e.g. orange or banana).

Spectating – for the older age groups we are asking for parents to drop off their children and wait in the car.  For the miniroos, it would be best if you are in sight of your child but well dispersed (there is a lot of space for us to use).  The training is all about developing basic skills and keeping contact between players to a minimum.  However, there will still be incidental contact and a parental presence tends to work wonders to help if players experience any issues, such as anxiety or minor knocks, in this age group.

Attendance RecordingAttendance Recording – Coaches and managers have been asked to record attendance and then email the club (admin@wvsc.org.au).  This information will only be used for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of a positive COVID-19 test.

Peewees – if this training goes well we are hoping to commence Peewees soon.