Coach Development


Our Objective is to develop our people including coaches, referees, administrators and volunteers. Our Key Indicator will be to increase our number of accredited coaches and referees’.

Focus Areas

  1. Develop and implement strategies to expand and develop the coaching talent pool
  2. Implement referee development and retention strategies, led by Club Referee Coordinator
  3. Ensure support and respect towards referees and adherence to the code of conduct by all players, parents, supporters
  4. Develop structures to spread workloads, have well defined roles and incorporate succession planning
  5. Develop a reward and recognition plan that provides a combination of material benefits as well as professional and personal development opportunities
  6. Explore work experience or community service placement opportunities

WV Programs

WV support the development of ALL Coaches at ALL Levels, whether you are at the Grassroots, Competition Level and or Premier League.

Throughout the Calendar year, WV will offer Coaching Course, as well as information nights to improve development, awareness and to improve our skills in this area.

Specific events will be communicated during the year, via our website and our news items.

National Development and Courses available

Coaching Development is strongly supported by Football Federation Australia and the below links will provide further information to enhance your skills as a Coach, further information is available from Capital Football.