Injury Management

What to do in the event of an Injury

Should a serious injury occur, team officials (Coach and Manager) are expected to give ABSOLUTE PRIORITY to seeking appropriate medical attention for the injured player and to advising her/his parents or guardians if not present at the game. The disclaimer parents accept when registering their children with the Club explicitly empowers club officers (who are defined to include coaches and managers, including persons temporarily acting in those capacities, as well as elected officers) to seek medical attention for injured players.

Team officials should also be aware that the Club participates in an injured players’ insurance scheme run through Capital Football. To take advantage of benefits available a potential claimant should go to the Capital Football website (, where you will find a document outlining the injury claim procedure. Don’t wait until medical treatment is completed and bills are in. Consult the above website immediately and follow its instructions.

Should any problems arise dealing with the insurer, contact the President who will have the matter investigated by Capital Football.

Team officials should note that they MUST immediately advise any injury in their team liable to lead to a claim to the Administrator via:

This facilitates the Club advising Capital Football of injuries potentially attracting claims.