Females in Football Week

Females in Football Week

We are celebrating “Females in Football Week” this week (May 6 to May 15)

Today we are showcasing one of our own living legends, Jenny Haling.

WVSC: Jenny, tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you are involved with WVSC?

JENNY: Well, with soccer seven days a week, being a ‘soccer mum’ for my four daughters is action-packed. In addition to playing, my two eldest daughters now referee, I coach an U11 team and I also play in the Woden Valley Women’s Masters team!  We are at the fields our entire Saturday and at least half of Sunday’s.

WVSC: Wow! that is some commitment right there!  

JENNY: Yes, Woden Valley Soccer Club are wonderful supporters of all players, but I particularly appreciate their on-going support and drive for advancement of females in soccer.