Woden Valley Soccer Club


Dear players, members, families and other friends of Woden Valley Soccer Club — we are halving our club fees for this 2020 season.
As the Committee managing the Club, we know the community has been hurting over recent weeks and months.
So we have decided that it would be best to do our bit via the Club to give back half of what we received from you, given we have a deferred season — starting for inter-club matches from 18 July and ending on 27 September 2020 (thanks to 2 extra weeks allowed by the ACT Government recently deferring the end-of-season-shutdown for ovals).
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?: This means that the Capital Football refunds process will be able to cover a refund of:
— 50% of our full Club component, and
— 50% of their relevant component of your registration fee (which excludes the Football Infrastructure Levy (FIL) – supporting facility projects not directly connected to delivering the 2020 winter season – and FFA’s National Registration Fee (NRF)).
HOW DOES THE REFUND WORK?: The process across football in Canberra is being helpfully coordinated by Capital Football with participating clubs.
All participants who registered and paid for the 2020 winter season prior to 19 June, and who are active in Play Football, will be eligible for the Capital Football registration fee partial refund. This will occur via an online form to request partial refunds from Monday 29 June until Saturday, 18 July 2020 on the Capital Football website.
Further details are available at this link: https://capitalfootball.com.au/2020-partial-refunds/
CAN YOU LEAVE YOUR CLUB COMPONENT WITH US AS A DONATION?: Yes — Capital Football have helpfully allowed you to elect to get a refund of just their component of the fee reduction, while leaving us with the portion that came to our Club as a donation.
And while that would be very much appreciated, it is not expected, of course.
If you are in a position to donate your 50% Club reimbursement to us, then it will help to defray some of our fixed and pre-season costs that we still had to pay, even though we have a shorter season.
Also, it will mean that we can continue to seek to keep fees as low as feasible for players and families returning in 2021.
And it further means that we are better able to help players and families who are facing issues and might need assistance with their registration both this and next year.
WHAT IF PLAYERS MAY WISH/NEED TO DE-REGISTER FOR 2020?If a player who has registered does not wish to proceed for this season then our usual refunds policy applies. This allows for a full refund, less a $20 administrative fee. The form to use is at this link to our website:


WHAT IF YOU DIDN’T PAY ONLINE VIA THE FFA?Capital Football can only make a repayment for those who paid online through the PlayFootball system.
So you will need to contact us if you had paid for your registration through our club.
Please email: admin@wvsc.org.au
However, you can use the Capital Football system if you paid partially online, and they will work with us to work out your reimbursement.
WHAT IF YOU REGISTERED AFTER 19 JUNE 2020?Please also contact us if you only recently registered. It may mean that the Capital Football component of the fee had already been reduced when you paid.
In that case you will only be able to get a repayment for half of our Club component of your registration fee.
Again, please email: admin@wvsc.org.au
HOW LONG WILL THE REFUND TAKE?: Capital Football aims to have all refunds completed by the end of the season, and hopefully sooner.