RESPECT – Players, Referees, Parents, Coaches, Managers, Volunteers & Spectators!

WODEN VALLEY SOCCER CLUB fully support the Capital Football RESPECT program and the goals for 2014.

The principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety are the essence of Australian sport.

Unfortunately during the 2012 season Capital Football received reports of 100 incidents of inappropriate behaviour, by players, coaches and spectators across all levels of Football.

Therefore Capital Football has decided to develop a RESPECT program for season 2014.  The key message of the program is “Respect is a collective responsibility for all, Players, Coaches, Referees and Spectators, at all levels to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place”

The goals of the 2014 RESPECT program are:

  • There will be a ‘step change’ in junior football on what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour from parents and spectators
  • We will work with coaches to create an enjoyable learning environment for children’s football
  • There will be an improvement in on-field player discipline, particularly in the area of dissent to referees
  • There will be zero tolerance for assaults on referees
  • Increase the number of matches with qualified referees appointed
  • Ongoing change in culture and improved experience for all involved.

The Respect program is designed to be an ongoing long term program. Capital Football will use a number of specific programs to deliver the 2014 RESPECT Program including “Play by the rules” and “SportRage”

WHO: Everyone involved in Football. Each Club will be asked to identify Champions who will be responsible for the program at their club.

FOCUS: Premier League and Junior League clubs

HOW: Clubs

Capital Football is open to ideas from the clubs on how to ensure the RESEPCT program will be effective at their club. Possible options for clubs include:

  • Play by the rules online training
  • Play by the rules signage
  • Codes of Conduct
  • SportRage education
  • Designated spectator areas
  • Development of formal disciplinary procedures for  inappropriate  behaviour
  • Ground monitors

Consideration is being given to a points program. Where each initiative is given a points rating and clubs are required to implement initiatives totalling 10 or more points. Capital Football will also undertake specific education with the referees in regards to respect, and conduct initiatives throughout the season including a “Silent Sideline Day”.


For more information on the Captial Football RESPECT Program – please go to this link: