Social kickabout – an invite to the LGBTI community for IDAHOT 2017.

The Woden Gentlemen Masters invites older LGBTI folk to join us for a bit of football fun. You don’t have to be over 35 years, though if you’ve reached or are near that milestone, you’re in our target group. Training and games on Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm at The Mint, Deakin.

To be clear, this is a social get together so it’s all ‘at your own risk’. For your safety, please bring football boots and shinpads. Respect your limits. Anyone who wants to get real serious can talk with the convenor about signing up and playing competitively for the masters at our tournament in October this year or next winter season. The Club is fielding three men’s teams in the ACT competition this year, two in the O45 age groups and one in the Over 35.

If in doubt about training because of rain, check the Club’s website for details about whether fields are open or closed.

Yours in Football