2020 Return to Football Stage 2.2

The ACT Government has approved games to commence from this weekend, under the current restrictions, and in accordance with the Capital Football COVID and WVSC Return to Football Plans:


WVSC Return to Training Plan – Stage 2.2 – June 2020

  1. Peewees 9.30am (meet at 9.15am)
  2. U7-9 Games times are now confirmed from Saturday 18th July as follows:

U7s 8.45am

U8s 9.40am

U9s 10.30am

Draws have been emailed to coaches and managers and will be available at the Clubhouse tomorrow morning.

3. WVSC U10-18 and Senior Draws are available here:

2020 SportsTG Draws

To find your team please see here:

2020 U10 to Senior Team Numbers


  • Ensure players have access to the Club’s Return to Football Plan and are compliant with it.
  • Spectators: only one per player
  • Promote the ‘get in, play, get out’ message.
  • Please –
    • do NOT allow or publish pre or post game team photos (teams need to be actively physically distancing)
    • do NOT allow pre and post game handshakes
    • do NOT permit the formal walk on to the pitch by teams pre-game (that usually includes a handshake).
  • Remember that only a limited number of people will be permitted in changeroom areas. As such give some thought to where outside team talks can take place and ensure they reflect physical distancing.

Government agents may be out on the weekend ‘checking’ venues to ensure individuals are operating in a compliant manner and are applying their Return to Sport Plan. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in ensuring everyone is following the correct rules during this time.

Please direct all enquiries to admin@wvsc.org.au