2018 Kanga Cup Billets Required

Capital Football are seeking host families for teams and players visiting from South Korea for the Kanga Cup on 8th to 13th July.

The players are most likely from U16-18 Girls Teams

Ideally, host families  will be able to take two players as they feel more comfortable rooming with a teammate, however we understand that this is not always possible and can assure you that players will be fine as individuals. In these cases we would also work with the respective coaches to ensure that players being billeted on their own have a higher grasp of the English language and are more independent.

The players would need to be transported to their matches each day morning , and you would also need to transport the players between matches if they have multiple games in one day (however transport during the day is unlikely as their matches should all be at the one venue). There will also be some excursions organised by the teams which the players will need to be transported to (mainly just dinners or lunches). Capital Football can help with sourcing a vehicle for all of this and would cover the costs.
It takes special people to open their homes and hearts to these young Korean children and give them an environment conducive to care, understanding and safety, all while they continue to enjoy the football tournament. The children are treated like any other member of the family with billet families providing a room and lunch for most days, and the club would be invited to South Korea for exchange and will be provided with the same family billeting if desired.
For details about 2018 Kanga Cup https://kangacup.com/
If you are interested or require more information please email admin@wvsc.com.au