2016 Junior League Premiers and Runners Up

Congratulations to all our teams for a very successful season.


The following teams are Premiers and Runners up this season!


PremiersRunners Up
Open U12/2 WolvesOpen U12/2 Lightning
Open U13/1 UnitedOpen U13/2 Lightning
Open U13/2 SpursOpen U18/3 Roar
Open U15/1 UnitedGirls U12/1 Hammers
Open U18/3 WanderersGirls U13/1 Hammers
Girls U12/1 UnitedGirls U14/1 United
Girls U13/1 UnitedGirls U18/3 Wolves
Girls U13/3 Tigers
Girls U14/3 Rebels
Girls U18/1 United