Aldi Miniroos 7-9

2017 U7 to U9 Draws

2017 Boys U7 (1)

2017 Boys U8 (1)

2017 Boys U9 (2)

2017 Girls U7 (1)

2017 Girls U8 (1)

2017 Girls U9 (1)

Team Formats in 2017

Age Group Players on Team

Players on Field


U7 9 per squad play a‘Split Game’*



Cone Goals
U8 and U9 8-9 per team (1-2 subs)


(inc.   Goalie)


Medium-sized Goals and Nets

These formats align with Football Federation Australia’s Aldi Miniroos and will provide players with enjoyable match experiences as they learn the game and move towards 9v9 football in U10s and 11s. More information and resources can be found on the Capital Football website.

*U7 Split Game*

On match day teams will break into two groups to play two concurrent 4v4 games against an opposing team alongside each other. After the halftime break, one team can switch fields and play a second game against another group from the opposing team. From week to week different combinations of players should be used. This format will help to mix things up, minimise lopsided games, take the focus away from the score and enable teams to remain together moving into U8s the following year.



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